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Body mass index

  • Body mass index and ideal weight.
  • various methods for calulating the ideal weight
  • theoretical caloric requirements

Food database

  • food composition for 19 nutriments with pie charts for fats, carbohydrates and proteins
  • various food sorts ("dairy foods with the highest level of calcium")

Food entry

  • 6200 USDA database foods
  • a carefully selected list of 1450 usual foods with shorter and simpler names
  • visual choice of categories
  • sub-categories, for instance, the "Dairy products" category is split in milks, cheeses, eggs, etc...
  • copy/cut/paste of lists of foods from a day to another
  • meals (group of foods which can be entered with one mouse click)
  • favorites
  • custom foods
  • recipes : creation of custom foods from home recipes
  • easy switch from one day to another


  • daily food pyramid
  • daily food podium
  • daily percentage of energy provided by fats, carbohydrates and proteins
  • detailed daily food report for 19 nuriments :totals, comparison with DRI, sorts
  • daily "Mediterranean diet" analysis
  • detailed analysis (19 nutriments) of your food intakes for any period of time :percentage of energy provided by fats, carbohydrates and proteins, totals, comparison with DRI
  • weight curve
  • evaluation of the real caloric requirements
  • diet simulator


  • mutli-user features
  • easy switch from imperial (English) to metric system
  • complete 40 days example

Help and documentation

  • complete on-line documentation
  • various help and description screens
  • tooltips
  • nutrition information
  • references
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