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What users say

What users say

I recently registered my copy of FrenchDiet 1.01 for use on my Mac OS X. I believe that your program is very comprehensive with lots of great features....
Thank you for creating a product that has already made a difference in the quality of my eating, health and well being. Your product, by far, beats anything out there for the Mac OS X platform.

Linda Sat, 25 Jan 2003


...This is one hot program. I like the way it facilitates the tedious and mundane task of dietary tracking and links it to very important and in depth personal dietary information. You have done this in a manner that I can understand as a non technical American (which means to me you have done outstanding work). And, finally, the sense of humor shines brightly across any cultural or educational divide - bravo!...

Chip Wed, 24 Jan 2003


I love your program.  I have been using it for three weeks, and I find it a great help.  I have two suggestions...
Thank you in advance for your attention and for a great program.

Roy Thu, 23 Jan 2003

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The UI took a *little* getting used to but after that I found the program actually exceeded my expectations. I kept finding more and useful features to explore and have enjoyed using the program on a daily basis. I quickly registered and sent in some feature requests and received an intelligent reply within a day. I've tried the others, this was the best of the group.

Jessadair Jan 29, 2003


Great Program, you can enter food with minimal effort.

Pete Jan 27, 2003


I compared four OSX diet analysis programs: DietSleuth OSX (beta), Frenchdiet, HealthEngage Diet+Fitness, and LogIT. All (except LogIT) seemed to use the same database of information, which had an acceptable number of entries. All had a favorite foods category, and all had the ability to modify/create food nutritional info. They all analyzed foods to some degree. I chose to buy French Diet mostly because its diet analysis tools were better than the others. Dine Systems’ commercial Dine Healthy program, however, is still the reigning champion. French Diet Pluses: Diet analysis good - graphs/pyramids of recommended and actual diet are nice. Typing first letter of a food lists all foods starting with that letter. Body-Mass Index information very pretty and helpful. Provides basal metabolic rate, and slider bars for daily activities etc to determine daily caloric requirements. French Diet Minuses: Would benefit from more detailed activity analysis.

Alzorro Jan 18, 2003
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